Compact Rotavators

UL42-1.05m, UL48-1.2m, UL60- 1.5m


Fleming Agri offer a range of rotavators to suite a wide range of tractors. The compact rotavators are lightweight and  provide a deep, tilled bed, ideal for future planting. As a result the compact rotavators are ideal for domestic and horticultural use.

With a category 1 linkage, the compact rotavators are ideal for low horsepower tractors.

For information on our larger rotavators, click here.

In addition to our range of rotavators we offer several other cultivation machines, including land levellers and the soil master.

  • Gear driven side transmission
  • Series 4 PTO with slip clutch
  • Adjustable lower hitch brackets
  • CE safety guards
  • 6 blades per ring
  • Adjustable side depth skids
  • Max working depth 165mm
  • Rotor diameter 70mm
  • Fitted with 158x115x6mm curved blades
  • Parking stands
Tilling width 1050mm Overall dimensions 1194x805x600mm
HP required 20hp Number of discs 5
Number of blades 30Weight 167kg
Tilling width 1200mm Overall dimensions 1340x805x600mm
HP required 25hp Number of discs 6
Number of blades 36 Weight 180kg
Tilling width 1500mm Overall dimensions 1645x805x600mm
HP required 40hp Number of discs 7
Number of blades 42Weight 200kg

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