Dust Suppression Tankers

Dust Suppression Tankers


Fleming Agri have a strong history producing vacuum tankers. Additionally, we offer several user friendly options for dust suppression applications with our range of vacuum tankers. Ideal for use in quarries, construction sites and other civil engineering projects for instance.

What’s more the dust suppression tanker options offer low-cost solutions to contractors.

  • Quick-attach spreader bar
  • Pressure operated rain gun on a hydraulic revolving turret
  • Hydraulic driven pump

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Quick Attach spreader bar

  • Galvanised for durability
  • Easy to mount, clips straight on to the back outlet of the tanker
  • Maintains a constant spread width for efficient dust suppression on roadways

Pressure operated rain gun on hydraulic revolving turret

  • Directional water cannon suitable for damping down stockpiles of aggregate or banked areas where access is an issue
  • Cannon is fed by pressure from the tankers’ vacuum pump
  • The jet is directed by a hydraulic revolving turret from the tractor cab through a double acting spool valve

Hydraulic driven pump

  • Eliminates the need for a PTO shaft providing the ultimate safety protection for the operator
  • Maintains a constant drive to the pump even when cornering without the risk of driveline damage

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