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The Fleming Agri factory is based in Newbuildings in the North West of Northern Ireland. The purpose built factory was established in 1983 on a modest half acre site.

Over the years the factory has had several expansion developments including a £1.1m expansion which was completed in 2013. More recently a new 22,000 square feet factory has been opened mid 2020 for the manufacture of larger capacity trailers and vacuum tankers.

With the pace of new technology moving so fast, the company embraces a policy of continuous improvement, involving the most up to date design packages, CNC production machinery and processes including robotic welding.

Simplicity is our Strength

All Fleming products are designed and manufactured with our motto “Simplicity is our Strength” in mind. 

Here at Fleming Agri we aim to manufacture products with a strong, simple design, making them easy to operate and run while offering sufficient strength for their given purpose.

Our products are customer focused with research and design carried out by our in-house engineering team who continually work to a standard that has the end-user’s satisfaction in mind.

All new products are extensively tested throughout the design and development process to ensure the customer has quality and strength in the product and a value for money machine as the end result.


Our Visions & Values

Throughout the 150 years and the five generations that have developed and grown the Fleming brand and the company, one constant has remained and that is the commitment to the Fleming core values.

Over the years the company has developed a business strategy of ‘servicing from stock-stocking for service’ providing value for money machines through the machinery dealer network to over 20 countries worldwide to date.

Fleming machines and dealers are supported through a well stocked spare parts department offering a prompt and efficient service to all their customers.

Throughout the history of this company, that has seen major technological changes, booms and recessions, the company has remained committed to providing its customers with products and service which align with its values of quality, strength and value for money products.

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