Recessed Slurry Tankers

ST1600, ST2000C, ST2300, ST2500


Fleming Agri offer a range of recessed slurry tankers. The recessed slurry tankers have 6mm wall thickness with internal bracing and baffling for added strength and safety as standard.

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  • High performance 8,000L/11,000L Battioni long life pump
  • 20ft suction hose
  • 4 fill points (6”/150mm)
  • Quick attach mechanism for convenient clean hose attachment
  • Galvanised rear inspection hatch
  • Brass fittings for corrosion protection
  • Sight glass at front and rear for fill indicator
  • Primary and secondary safety trap on all models
  • Pressure vessel fully protected by a de-compression valve and pressure release valve
  • Full length reinforced sprung drawbar attached back to the axle reducing stress on the tank insuring smooth transport
  • Pump protector on both sides of the drawbar
  • All tankers are welded inside and outside for strength
  • All tankers are painted internally and externally for anti-corrosion protection and longer life
  • Cranked axle  on ST2000C, ST2300 and ST2500


  • Hydraulic top fill hatch with heavy duty rubber seal, manual turn buckle to seal lid when not in use and over centre lock down to maintain pressure during operation
  • Hydraulic autofill
  • Hydraulic driven pump
Capacity (Gal)1600Pump (LPM)8000
Transport width2560mmLength6900mm
Unladen weight3340kgMax laden weight10604kg
Tyres28.1 R26/10Wall thickness6mm
Axle type10 Stud Straight Braked Axle
Capacity (Gal) 2000 Pump (LPM) 11,000
Transport width 2560mm Length 6900mm
Unladen weight 3500kg Max laden weight
Tyres 28.1 R26/10 Wall thickness 6mm
Axle type10 stud cranked commercial braked axle
Capacity (Gal) 2300 Pump (LPM) 11,000
Transport width2560mm Length 7500mm
Unladen weight 4380kg Max laden weight 14,822kg
Tyres 30.5 R32 Wall thickness 6mm
Axle type10 stud cranked commercial braked axle
Capacity (Gal) 2500 Pump (LPM) 11,000
Transport width2560mm Length 7520mm
Unladen weight Max laden weight
Tyres 30.5 R32 Wall thickness 6mm
Axle type10 stud cranked commercial braked axle

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