Trailed & 3 Point Linkage Rollers

2.5m (8ft), 2.7m (9ft), 3m (10ft)


Fleming Agri Products have  a wealth of technical experience with rollers, spanning over 40 years. As a result the ballast rollers are robust and easy to use. The trailed & mounted land rollers are ideal for medium size farms and have the option of use with the tandem lead roller for larger operations.

Depending on the model, the trailed rollers have10mm, 12mm or 16mm wall thickness. These rollers are available in 8ft (2.5m), 9ft (2.7m) or 10ft (3m) working widths.

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  • All drums are air tested
  • Fitted with hardwood bearings for long life and low maintenance
  • Can be water filled for extra weight and transported fully laden
  • Strong structural box section frame with over channel support
  • Pick up eye and shoe rest as standard on all models
  • Options
  • Scraper blade
Rolling width2420mmOverall width2620mm
Drum diameter740mmDrum thickness10mm
Centre shaft diameter65mmUnladen weight685kg
Laden weight1730kg
Rolling width2420mmOverall width2620mm
Drum diameter745mmDrum thickness12mm
Centre shaft diameter65mmUnladen weight775kg
Laden weight1890kg
Rolling width2420mmOverall width2620mm
Drum diameter885mmDrum thickness12mm
Centre shaft diameter75mmUnladen weight970kg
Laden weight2490kg
Rolling width2740mmOverall width2950mm
Drum diameter885mmDrum thickness12mm
Centre shaft diameter75mmUnladen weight1075kg
Laden weight2780kg
Rolling width2740mmOverall width2950mm
Drum diameter890mmDrum thickness16mm
Centre shaft diameter75mmUnladen weight1180kg
Laden weight2885kg
Rolling width3000mmOverall width3220mm
Drum diameter740mmDrum thickness10mm
Centre shaft diameter75mmUnladen weight883kg
Laden weight2170kg
Rolling width3000mmOverall width3220mm
Drum diameter885mmDrum thickness12mm
Centre shaft diameter75mmUnladen weight1000kg
Laden weight2866kg

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